38 years of experience endorse us, in which tradition and technology have been our core values and our goal.
1967 1975 1984

Alecosa is a family enterprise which was born in 1984 but which comes from a long tradition in the transformation of precious metals, an activity which began in 1910 and that evolved in the year 1967 into the manufacture of brass wires.

The Fundición Anglo-Española Alberto de Torner introduced the continuous casting in Spain and was the pioneer in Europe in the working of brass through this process. The homogeneity and quality of its brass permitted to it, starting from scratch, to become the leader of the national market. In this context, the company changes into
Torner y CIA, S.L.

The investments made in order to face the new challenge which meant the admission of Spain in the European Union changed the company into the present Aleados del Cobre S.A.
The constant growth of Alecosa was possible thanks to greater reliability of its wires in comparison with the usual extruded ones.

First premises for silver welding.

Second continuous casting for brass.
Leader in Spain.

Admission in the Common Market

1988 1999 2006

Alecosa has always based the homogeneity of its products in a quality management system and in the satisfaction of its clients.
The investments and its projects of R&D from 1990 centred on three key points: To satisfy our clients in an efficient way, to keep on producing in Spain and do it in addition with some environmentally sustainable processes.

The continuous expansion that Alecosa is maintaining in all the markets related to the brass wire proves that the vision of Alecosa has been totally shared by its collaborators.

The new premises inaugurated in 2006 are an starting point towards a permanent search of the industrial and environmental efficiency which could guarantee the present and future needs of our clients.

New continuous casting premises for 10 brass bars.
Rolling mil¡ of 10 stages.
Growth in the European Market.

Continuous expansion in the world markets.
65% of the sales in exports.
Projects of R&D:
A pilot plant for the improvement of the continuous casting for brass wires and a pilot plant for the improvement of the surface of the brass wires in the continuous annealing.

90% of export.
New ECCOEFICIENTindustrial plant. Greater specialization in technically advanced products.
New plant of industrial coatings for brass wires.
New web PAGE with restricted access for clients.