Technology with own means: With its technological experience it is able to solve any new challenge requested by the market.
ALECOSA has grown thanks to its continuous projects of R&D for the obtaining of new products and processes and in this way to be able to solve all those industrial requests which are detected in the market. The copper/zinc binary alloys wires have not a consumption sufficient enough for the usual suppliers of technology to be too much interested in developing new techniques.
R + D
ALECOSA has developed all along the years some different projects of R+D in order to optimize its productive processes, to manufacture new products and to improve continuously the quality of its wires.
Already since 1996 some different projects were begun in order to optimize the two more remarkable processes of the productive cycle: the continuous casting and the continuous recrystallization.
The fruit of these projects is the productive plant inaugurate in the year 2005 and which permits ALECOSA to be in the van of the production of wires in binary allows of copper and zinc.
Continuous Casting
ALECOSA has been a pioneer on introducing already in 1967 the system of continuous casting for brass, when the market trend at that moment was to produce this material with the extrusion system.
ALECOSA committed itself unaccompanied to the development of the continuous casting in order to obtain a wire of much better and more homogeneous quality. And this specially for alloys with a content of copper inferior to 64%, in order to be able to offer to its clients a high quality wire and at a price more competitive.
Reverse Logistics
ALECOSA has faced resolutely the challenge of producing in an ecoefficient way, aware of the importance of the preservation of the Environment and has adapted its productive process by eliminating any emission into the atmosphere, by reducing to a minimum the consumption of water and power and by reducing to zero the production waste.
To complete its bet on the sustainable production, ALECOSA commits itself to the recovery of the waste and the by-products produced by its clients, integrating them again in the process of production of the wire and closing in this way the productive cycle.
Drawing and coated wires
Thanks to the application of the most modern technologies in the field of wiredrawing, ALECOSA it is in state to satisfy the highest demands with regard to the superficial quality of the wire, this permitting to guarantee roughness parameters Rmax 5 microns and Rz2.5 microns.
Its exclusive dedication to the brass wire permits ALECOSA to produce a product according to each client, respecting his technical specifications and particular requirements.
The new department of coated wires can satisfy any new industrial request because it fulfils the most strict quality controls and incorporates the most advanced production systems.
Grain size and recrystallisation
Aware of the importance of the suitability of the grain size for the obtention of a product with a high productive output, ALECOSA has centred a great part of its efforts on the study of the parameters and the variables that intervene in the recrystallization.
The homogeneity of the grain size of its wires permits to use them in applications in which these ones are subjected to some extreme deformations.
Product applications
Due to its good resistance to corrosion, its good mechanical properties and its good behaviour when cold, the wires of ALECOSA are used for a great variety of final products: from any application for stamping to some applications in the electronic industry.
Its technical department is always at the disposal of its clients and collaborates actively with them assisting them in the improvement of their products and processes, trying to give always an answer to the new market demands.